Transitioning is an individualized process that can be appropriate for anyone, regardless of whether or not they have gender dysphoria. Transitioning can involve changing one’s name, clothing, pronouns, and other aspects of their identity.

Gender dysphoria is not a requirement for transitioning, and some people may choose to transition without seeking gender-affirming treatments. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide when transitioning is appropriate for them.

Transmaxxing is recognizing that by transitioning, you will gain net positive life improvements as a passing female. The Transmaxxing Manifesto is a document containing thorough aggregation of scientific studies with an analysis of the results supporting maximization of personal improvement through gender transition. The central goal of transition should be an individual developing female physical and social characteristics to the greatest extent. Settling for a transition without personal improvement does not lead to sustainable positive outcomes. These pages provide quick summaries of the content discussed in-depth in the manifesto.

Should I Transmaxx?

Starting hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the first step when you have decided to transition.

The Transmaxxing Manifesto suggests the following:

It is also very much ideal for learning how to behave as a female in order to not stand out since people will see that you are a male and treat you as such rather than thinking you are just some non-trans female with male mannerisms.

  1. Delay your social transition until you are Passing
  2. Put a lot of effort into Voice Training
  3. Relocate if a social transition is too hard / impossible
  4. Change your name to something very different from your old male name
  5. Legally change your sex - US & UK
  6. Maintain anonymity for safety - online and with strangers in-person