Developing a feminine style after transitioning to female can be an intimidating process, but you can feel more confident and comfortable with your wardrobe and style by considering this advice.

It is important to take things slow to find your personal style. Don’t feel pressure to dress super feminine right away. Darker colors are recommended as they will easily conceal any masculine elements of the body, while lighter shades should be worn with caution. Accessories such as necklaces or scarves can also help create a more feminine look.

Other styles including more alternative sytles can also be stylish but may not have as much distinctly feminine effects.

Accessories & Jewelry

Accessorizing is just one perk of femininity! While you may not jump into binging on things like expensive clutches or purses, choosing to start small can ease transition and acclimate yourself to a new identity and/or style

  • Replace some male accessories like wallets with feminine versions - pick a cute one, there’s many options with sizes that can range from minimalist to mini-purse
  • Watches and watch bands (like Apple Watch or Fitbit) can be chosen with female color schemes
  • Picking a few jewelry pieces can go a long way - a simple tennis bracelet, cute chain necklace (not large or masculine), and stylish stacking ring sets can help draw attention from less flattering areas (TODO - there’s actually style guides for this!). Ankle bracelets can be a great style accessory for summer!
  • Paint your nails! Fun colors and seasonal themes, even on your toes, is a great feminine feel

Body Jewelry / Piercings

The most obvious body jewelry is to get ear piercings. You will want both sides done, and starting jewelry can be as agender as you’d like. Pierced ears in many social settings aren’t stigmatized. As you feel more comfortable you can increase feminity of the earrings - hoops are particularly attractive to some. Multiple piercings are style choices - as is just one

Other body jewelry of course depends on your overall vision of style. Septum piercings are popular with many trans fems, as well as cis females. Tongue and lip piercings can give an alternative vibe. There’s many options for expressive body jewelry, so take notes of which you might feel fits your style

Body Art / Tattoo

If you already have “masculine” tattoos you may want to consider a cover to feminize them - particularly if the art is not particularly meaningful. This is not necessary however, as body art is incredibly personal.

Don’t rush out to get body art right away. As you transition your style may change!

  • Feminine body art themes tend to be floral and softer, with more sweeping lines
  • Non-gender specific body art of interests such as gaming and symbolism is also popular
  • Work with your artist to plan how you want your art to be - including which body area may work best or may have issues during transition
  • Be aware of breast growth and body composition changes!