Why Transition / Transmaxx

Do not let anyone gatekeep you from transitioning You may be in doubt and thus ask people close to you or a gender clinic “should you transition/ are you allowed” - this is not a good idea.

It’s very unlikely anyone close to you has a proper understanding of the consequences that come with transitioning, what the pros and cons will be for you. If your family of origin is transphobic just boymode and leave, you don’t need them in your life if they become a negative for you.

You have the right to rule over your own body, do not let any doctor or parent take that right away from you. If you cannot get an official prescription in time just order online it’s actually rather cheap. DIY HRT can be safer and more effective that official prescription

:heavy_check_mark: Transitioning might improve this

:x: Transitioning might not improve this / negatively affects

Physical Characteristics :heavy_check_mark: Your height is lower than 185cm, and preferably less than 176cm
:x: Your height is above 185cm

:heavy_check_mark: You are less than 20 years old
:x: You are over 24 (most bones have fused)

:heavy_check_mark: Physical strength is less important to you than other qualities
:x: You value or require physical strength for other goals

:heavy_check_mark: You would rather compete mentally or emotionally
:x: Physical competition, grit, and drive is important for you

:heavy_check_mark: There's no family history of health issues that might affect HRT
:x: You have illnesses that might affect successful transition or HRT

:heavy_check_mark: Appearance such as hair growth, skin health, and aging hold high value
:x: Things like appearance do not matter to you at all

:heavy_check_mark: You desire for yourself female physical characteristics such as breasts
:x: You are ok with your male physical characteristics

Mental Characteristics :heavy_check_mark: You experience dysphoria, sometimes you wish you were a female or had female characteristics
:x: You only think about being male

:heavy_check_mark: You are excited by the thought of being you, but female
:x: You are excited by the thought of being you, but more masculine

:heavy_check_mark: Gratification through female presentation like clothing is exciting
:x: Female presentation is repulsive

:heavy_check_mark: Your demeanor / mannerisms are feminine, or you feel comfortable with feminine expression
:x: Masculine expression is

:heavy_check_mark: Past trauma is associated with your masculine identity (emotional, mental, other)
:x: You have not experienced any trauma as part of your identity

:heavy_check_mark: Compulsion for gratification through stimulation is preventing you from feeling "normal"
:x: You can live daily life feeling "normal" without seeking stimulation

Social Characteristics :heavy_check_mark: You would like / are envious of attention or standing out as a female
:x: Attention is of little importance to you

:heavy_check_mark: You experience little social support from communinities (add social support as a transitioning female)
:x: Social communities and engagement as a male is working fine for you

:heavy_check_mark: Engagement with communities is only negative or destructive - there's no positive path to improve your life
:x: You feel enriched by your interactions with supportive communities

:heavy_check_mark: Relationships (friends, family, romance) have been hard for you to develop and maintain as a male
:x: You already have established family bonds you wouldn't change

:heavy_check_mark: You do not have good or fulfilling relationships with family (parents, extended, partners)
:x: Your bonds with your family are positive and fulfilling

:heavy_check_mark: You don't feel any deep or lasting connection with your friends, you find it hard to make friends
:x: It's easy for you to make friends

:heavy_check_mark: Your friends are interested in you being the best you can be and living a positive life
:x: Friends are integral parts of your life and transitioning would make them leave

:heavy_check_mark: Your job is supportive of transition and might even pay for it
:x: The job that you have relies on strength, or is not supportive of trans and you could not move or find another

:heavy_check_mark: Where you live (house, region, country) is accepting/supportive of transitioning
:x: You would need to move or emigrate to successfully transition and can't/ couldn't

:heavy_check_mark: You feel blocked from accessing programs that would enrich your life due to male gender discrimination
:x: You aren't interested in programs such as this

:heavy_check_mark: Male / mixed gender spaces are not comfortable to you and you feel like you don't belong
:x: You already feel like you belong in mixed gender spaces

:heavy_check_mark: Finding a romantic partner has been a struggle, a game with low odds, and draining
:x: You have no trouble finding romantic partnerships

:heavy_check_mark: Partners you have had in the past don't match your needs and you have to "fight" to keep them interested
:x: Your partner matches your needs

:heavy_check_mark: You struggle with social interactions as an awkward male - when awkwardness as a female is a "cute" quality
:x: Social interactions come easy to you