Passing as Female

While it’s significantly easier and in many ways better to be androgynous not fitting into the gender binary is going to make dating significantly more difficult. Thus you instead want to change your appearance to become as feminine as possible and this can include superficial traits such as hair and clothing. Boymoding for too long is a bad idea since then you are stuck being a feminine man which is very much inferior to being a masculine woman, at some point you need to transition socially.

Being on female hormones while trying to present as a male is probably not going to make your life easier, at least not short-term. If you are not willing to ever transition socially you probably shouldn’t start HRT in the first place. The last thing you want to do is to half-ass your transition where you basically transition to nowhere in an attempt to deal with gender dysphoria or because you have some sexual reasons for doing so

After you start HRT and begin Voice Training you might want to start a social transiton.

Top 5 things you can do to pass better

  1. Do some makeup! Mascara is a 5 minute fix that has tons of feminine allure. Pick 2-3 things to do before you leave the house
  2. Fix your facial hair. If you have a 5 o’clock shadow, cover it up, concealer, whatever. Women don’t have a beard shadow. Make sure your brows are trimmed, especially if you have a unibrow - keep ‘em separated!
  3. Hips Don’t Lie - Choose clothing and do exercises that help to even the line between your shoulders and hips. Female figures usually have proportions with hips equal to or larger than shoulder width
  4. Smell Good! Proper hygiene like washing yourself, your clothes, and applying good smells like light lotions with feminine scents (flowery) and perfumes can instantly trigger “feminine” perceptions
  5. Sometimes, just stop talking. Being awkward and rambling on about nothing can be a social tell, particularly if you are concerned about your voice passing. Also, you don’t need to tell everyone you are trans, all the time! Be selective, there are negative people out there waiting to tear you down

Source Victoria Rose - Youtube

Social Transition

It has been envogue to come out all at once in a big way, presenting your new identity to those you know. To some this can be stressful and prevent you from doing this.

Alternatively you could pursue Gradual Methods, which acclimates your social circle and family to your new identity.

If this is not an option or if you live in a trans-unfriendly place, you can consider moving and adopting your new identity as a fresh start.

How Can You Start Planning a Social Transition?

Start a Pinterest account to brainstorm ideas about (what kind of life I want to live after transitioning, how I want to dress, and how I want my body to look)

Go window shopping in the ladies section - this will be your inspiration to move forward with transitioning (think of all the pretty things you could wear) also help you get comfortable being in woman’s spaces

Start a more feminine hobby whether it be make up or cooking you need to start building a feminine mindset for you can get more comfortable with your feminine side

Feminine appearance only gives part of the story - you won’t pass as a female by using learned masculine social cues and mannerisms. You need to learn the subtleties of Acting Feminine.

Physical Appearance

Expressing a feminine physical appearance involves more than just your Wardrobe and Makeup, although these are key parts that you can use to establish your identity.

Even before beginning a social transition there are steps that you can take to enhance your physical appearance, and physical appeal.

Proper Hygiene will help to accelerate the beautifying effects of HRT. Soft skin is appealing to you, and any partners! Even pictures can show proper hygiene standards, and shows that you respect yourself and have confidence.

Fitness Routines can help with the buildup of female muscular structure and fat distribution.

As you decide on the type of Aesthetics you want to build, you may want to consider both Hair Removal and getting a new Hair Style. Have fun with this, you have more options now than ever before!

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