Hair Styling

Finding your style

Popular transitional hairstyles for transwomen include side swept bangs, shoulder length hair, short pixie styles, and styled long hair. These styles are chosen to soften strong facial features and balance out a larger body frame. Shoulder length hair is very feminine and flattering as it helps conceal a stronger jaw or thicker neck.

You may also opt for a fringe to complement your bone structure and avoid sharp lines or fringes that can make the face look masculine. Furthermore, you could choose to switch up their style by experimenting with different colors that complement your aesthetic. Access to finasteride (or similar) can help with any follicular issues (hair regrowth) caused by years of testosterone. Ultimately, the key is to think soft when choosing a hairstyle - soft cuts, soft colors, and soft lines will help create a more feminine look.

Strands for Trans is a campaign that maps transgender-friendly barbershops and salons. It was launched five years ago in response to stories of trans people facing discrimination in these spaces. Strands for Trans seeks to create and promote acceptance on the map with a website that makes it easy for barbershops and hair salons to be listed as trans-friendly. The movement also provides a safe space for beauty and inclusivity


Hair loss for transgender women is sometimes a big issue, years of testosterone can create some male-pattern baldness that can be very upsetting. While HRT will stop some of the effects of testosterone, hair loss can stop but regrowth will not occur.

Male-pattern baldness/hair loss is generally triggered by an abundance of DHT in the scalp. DHT is formed by testosterone. Drugs like Finasteride prevent the transformation of testosterone to DHT, therefore reducing the hair loss. In some cases hair regrowth is possible. Other cases might require surgical methods.

Hair Styles & Colors

One thing to consider is how expressive you might want to be. If your goal is to look “traditionally” cis female, some bright colors or cuts might serve as “clocky”. In the end, you get to choose how you present - but consider styles and cuts that can minimize potentially masculine features. A stylist can help you reach your goals if you feel overwhelmed. Bring ideas from online sources with you.

Short Hair

The easiest way to make your short hair look feminine is to accessorize your hair with headbands, Alice bands, and barrettes. Short hair leaves your ears and neck exposed so accessorize with dangly earrings and a short scarf or cute necklace. On-point makeup makes a big difference too. PinkFemme

Wigs & Extensions

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